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Continuity Czar

Ocean West

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I fully appreciate all the hard work that the team of IPB invest into this product I can imagine that there are many days and nights working on code
to make it - well awesome!

I imagine that many hand sketched epiphany you had on beer soaked napkins that make their way back to the office and up to the whiteboard, that
ultimately get handed to a coder to work their magic then ultimately into our eager awaiting fingers.

Don't know how you divide up the work - each person is the keeper to some bit of code i'd imagine - each goes off and does their magic.
At some point you get the gang together physically or virtually and mash up the code and see how it all works with each other.

From the little bit of digging around I can see there are different styles of coding and different subtle but yet apparent differences in design.
Nothing radical mind you just hints of differences - but enough to notice.

With humble respect is there someone in the company who is the continuity czar that reviews everyone's code and styles and processes thru the
checks and balances of what does and what doesn't meet some standards guidelines for overall appearance style?

I have noticed that Content and Blog's have a different feel then do the forums and downloads. - just a personal observation.

Keep up the fine work!

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What's the point? The code all works, it does what it says on the tin, is it really a huge deal that the braces are single line in some places and multi line in others, or whether the comments are double slash (//) in one place and slash star (/*) in another? None of this makes the software run any differently, and it doesn't make the software any harder to use, understand or modify.

I've always felt standards for syntax style are a pointless waste of time and resources. Why employ someone to sit there essentially correcting the number of lines a switch statement takes? It's silly.

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my point wasn't necessarily regarding the inter workings under hood, I get that -

i program (different language ) every developer has their standards and choose to freely ignore them the second they make em - myself included.

My main point was regrading the outward facing page the continuity between the modules the face that the general public and site users interact with each day.

pixel perfect - spacing / fonts / alignment.. the fit finish and polish on the chrome makes things flow better seamless.

only constructive feedback :)


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We actually have a single designer for all applications, however different applications are at different points in their cycles.

Downloads and Nexus (and the beta version of Gallery on this site) for example have just been updated, and the new styles and concepts introduced will be carried over to IP.Board likely in 3.2.

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Continuing on what Mark said, Matt and myself work on nearly all of our products at different points. This allows us to get a "fresh set of eyes" on a codebase that only one developer has previously worked on. Rikki is involved in ALL of the products to some extent, to provide for a consistent interface (although, as Mark just mentioned, we are implementing some newer styles in the recently released addons which will be carried over to IP.Board itself in 3.2).

It is important to note, however, that not all of our addons SHOULD look identical. You have different needs in a blog versus a gallery, for instance, and to that end, they will necessarily look different because they have different purposes. :)

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