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what server hardware?

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I'm experiencing some serious server problems after long awayted migration and conversion of my two invision communities from 2.3.6 to lastest versions.

The new server hosts only my two domains, with a quite small php site and two communities

1) the bigger
- total post 800'000
- total user 20'000
- max online 72
- blog + gallery + facebook integration

2) the smaller
- total post 200'000
- totale user 3'000
- facebook integration + ipcontent (not used)

Before require serious technical help, i have to ask what are the minimum HARDWARE server requirements in order to manage two board like these two.
I already could not finish rebuild process for post content. In more than 24 i have stopped a lot of time for error 500....
I don't know if it is an hardware problem, a configuration problem or a hardware/software/human/sabotage/misconfiguration/holyfromabove problem.

thanks for information


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The 500 error is a miss configuration, Probably with the apache or modules.

For the 2 boards and given the amount online a small VPS could handle this, Lets say for an example:

512MB memory and a P4 cpu on a single 10MB/s connection would cope with that.

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