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I believe a menu link to a contact form should be included in the invision board as standard and not as an addon. The only link on the forum that gives access to members to contact the moderating team or the administrator is not very visible, almost on the bottom of the page and a member account is needed for that.

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I suggest creating your own contact form and add a link to it from your navigation menu. Here's what I have. There is a link for forum admin staff and also to email me. What you have is up to you however normal terms and conditions of taking credit card sales is to have physical address and phone number. Is where I am anyway.

The contact page is done with IP Content. This links to a php page that has my email address hidden. The php code generates an email to me. The code to use for contact pages can be found by search with Google.

I think a Contact page should be part of IPB now that we have IP Nexus. If you're selling stuff then it's a standard requirement to have contact information.


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