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Download: Inception Skin

Ajouz ♞

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File Name: Inception Skin
File Submitter: Ajouz
File Submitted: 14 Dec 2010
File Updated: 03 Mar 2011
File Category: Dark Skins

please read first before to purchase

Inception Skin(1.0.0) :
is a background skin comes with transparent effects and unique scrolling board index !.


Technecal description :

  • 5 template(s) hardly edits ,
  • 21 CSS file(s) hardly edits .
  • 2 custom javascript , one of them is an Ips javascript
  • two differnt board index layout can be chooses through admin panel .
  • simple background changer
  • forums icon support
  • IPS products Support

two different board index layout :
1-sliding category mode : clean board index with sliding category at the bottom of the skin .
important notice:
  • I am not planing to add subforums or number of post , topic in boardindex .
  • each category must have at most 12 main forum .
  • if you are going to use this mode then no hooks top or bottom or left or right in the board index allowed , otherwise you are going to brake skin (layout and skin idea ).

otherwise you can use default boardindex layout .


2-default mode : IPS default boardindex


here is a quick video to explain how to change bettwen two modes .

support :
weekend only (Sat) through support topic

price :
as a first release the price will be 10 $
next week version 1.1.0 will be released with bugs fixed ,then the skin price will be 20$ .


Click here to download this file
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