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Site specific SAFE search words...

Ocean West

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There are times when searching a site for things like SQL / URL / SSL / EPS / PDF are part of the lexicon of the members within the forums.

And more times then not they are trying to specifically search for these terms within the content of the site.

However due to the fact SQL imposes limits on terms < 4 characters it makes it impossible to search for such items.

In theory an idea:

Admin creates a table of "safe" words that users on the site would most likely search for. (like the example above)
each one of these terms has a unique key associated with it perhaps the ASCII or MD5 equivalent - . and stored with the post or some other table that says "hey this post has the term SQL in it."

SQL in ASCII & #83 ;& #81;& #76; (space added so it displays here)
SQL as MD5 9778840a0100cb30c982876741b0b5a2

When the user does a search for the term the search operation first takes the term "SQL" and converts it to the ID/ASCII or MD5 from that table and then uses THAT as an additional parameter for
searching the the forum.

OR it puts in to a field a tag that wraps the term like sql to be _sql_ so that the value > than the 4 min. that field is also included in the search so that the post is found.

Currently - users needing to search my site (even me searching this site) i have to rely on to google return results on the domain.

Thoughts, recommendations, ideas?



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You can try reducing the minimum word size from 4 letters to 3 and see if it works for your site. It depends on the configuration of the SQL server and may or may not work. If you are offering a suggestion for a future version of IPB, then please make it in the feedback forum.

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