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Selective Quotes in Forum Posts


What Quote Method would YOU use when answering forum posts?  

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In short, when you reply to someone's post, currently you can only quote that whole post each time, then edit it manually to leave just the right sentence you want to reply to. Or, you need to do even more cumbersome manual quote edit instead.

It seems a lot more convenient and natural to select a particular sentence in a post you want to reply to, then click a button to have this sentence quoted into your reply, then reply to it. If not done, then select another sentence to reply to from the same or different user's post, click a button to quote it in your reply, ...go on until you're done. :)

This Poll is intended to find out, whether DO YOU care in general about the IP BOARD USABILITY. This is Invision product, you paid for. This is the product, they are expected to support by addressing your - CUSTOMER - needs. And the needs of your own Board users

This Poll has two Quote Method choices offered to you. Please select the Quote Method above this post you'd like to use personally when replying to someone, if it were available to you. YOUR personal participation in this Poll is utmost important. Its the best guarantee that the change you want will happen. :)

Of course, some might prefer to use a combination of both methods if offered. When answering just a few questions (the most frequent scenario), the 1-st method may be the best. For answering multiple questions from a short post, the 2-nd method may be your choice. But remember, you need to have BOTH choices available to you to pick the right one. Currently, only one method is available - to quote the whole post. Do you want to have Selective Quote offered to you as well? Then take part in this Poll and show your choice! :)

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Me also until I went to see Operafan.net, where you can get that useful features:

1) when you click on a poster nickname, its copied to your reply in bold, so you can answer right away. If you want to look at his Profile, just click CHILD avatar instead;

2) if you want to answer to someone's post, select the text you want to answer, and click the poster's nickname. This time the citation will be properly quoted, so you can answer it;

3) then select a quote from another post, click that poster's nick - the new citation is posted below your previous answer;

4) if you want to quote the whole post - click the right green arrow in that post.

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