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Varnish Cache

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I looked a bit into the varnish docs but one thing to note is that as soon as you start sending cookies for a particular page all the requests pass through to the web server rather than hitting the cache. While this may have some benefit for static documents, I just don't see a way that it would improve performance of this software in it's present state.

To be honest, I think that overall the software needs better caching.. because I know from my own experience that to get optimal performance when rendering a page, you want to query only the data you need. I know with software like IP.Content it often queries for much, much more data than you may actually use.

The tough part of caching for IPS is that the flexibility of their skins allows you to completely customize any page on your site. This makes it more difficult to develop a generic caching mechanism for any particular template since they may rely on data that can only be pulled from a user session.

This is not an easy problem to solve for a software that can be used in so many varied ways.

- Michael

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