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Supporting Youtube embed time points without html.


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Please watch this very short video demonstration (30secs):

Can you get that to function within bbcode without having to enable html for normal users to post videos embeded starting at a specific time point please? (currently all videos will start at the start regardless)

Would help my community a lot. I'm sure it would be easy to tweak the code perhaps on next version to allow this feature fully?

P.S. For example look at my embed code, it is set to start after intro at 4secs, but does not do so.
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Thanks for your help, but it doesn't help the new Youtube way of doing it with 1 click copy code as demonstrated on above video.

I could write an explanation on my board saying IP. Board does not support the new Youtube default way and explain what to do. But it would be great to simply have it included.

I do appreciated your help on this matter though. (I think I have that method already explained to my members, but will do again).

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