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Adriano Faria

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Is there a way to turn off where it show, I would only like this to show in profiles

No. You can open its XML file and remove hook files from userinfopane, showcard and sidebar.

On USerinfopane, it currently shows below all Custom Profile fields. Is this possible to maybe move it under the "Posts: #"?

No, 'cause there's no hook point at this place.
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oops... I forgot to check the version before installing this. Completely crashed my whole site which now provides this error even after removing the file from FTP:

Fatal error: Access level to ssoPublicSessions::$_userAgent must be protected (as in class publicSessions) or weaker in/home/eric/public_html/admin/sources/classes/session/ssoPublicSessions.php on line 1581

It's all good though because I backed up the directory and database first. Just saying, don't try this on 3.3.4!

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I couldn't even get to installing it because once I put the admin folder in my FTP, I started getting a fatal error (so no ACP etc). I was a little surprised that I was still getting this error after removing the file though (Just a white screen with a fatal error when I typed in my domain).

But like I said all is well since I just reverted my database and root directory. I know you have twice as many hooks in the marketplace than any other developer, so no one can blame you for letting some fall through the cracks ;)

This is one I would have used though.

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