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Change Title of Forum Font Size

Guest Danny Michel

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Could you please add a screenshot of what exactly you want to edit? Than I may try to help you, but currently I'm not quite sure which "Title of forum" you mean, as the title of the forum occurs a few times in different templates and on different places.

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It's a "<h4>"-tag, you were right.

This is what Firebug tells me about it:

table.ipb_table h4, table.ipb_table .topic_title { font-size:1.1em; font-weight:normal; }

So, if you want to only edit the <h4>-tag I'd add this

 table.ipb_table h4 { whatever you want to edit; }

For styling purposes I could really advise to use Mozilla's Firefox in Version 3.6 with the addon(s) "Firebug" and "Web Developer Toolkit". They'll make it really easy for you to find out what to look for :)

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