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Download: (RI) MultiAvatars (Emoticons)


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File Name: (RI) MultiAvatars (Emoticons)
File Submitter: Aoyagi Ritsuka
File Submitted: 29 Nov 2010
File Category: Hooks and Plugins

Ability to collect and use a set of avatars and use different avatar for each post.

Just take a look at screenshot.

To install:
- copy contents of upload folder to your forum root
- import hook
- configure hook at "System settings > Hooks > (RI) MultiAvatars"

- different avatar for each post
- collection of avatars
- configurable restrictions
- all actions are ajax-based
- easy moderation tool

Click here to download this file

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Is this your board: http://www.winxperts.net/forums/ ?


Actually, it seems that everything is ok. Maybe it's a browser issue? Which browsers are you using?

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yup thats my site

Ok in IE 9 beta i dont see notihng when looking in the link where you posted i see the little red circle, click nothing...

IN firefox 3.6 same except when i click the red cirlce says no permission and the image goes away (avatar) in the acp i have the admin group selected for moderation. but your the only personon the forum i see this avatar option for, no other account has it.

i dont see the change avatar option at all

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I would like to take over the development of this plugin. I have sent you several PMs requesting your permission.

I'm making a public post. If you are unable to continue development, I here by ask for your permission to continue the development of this plugin.

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Rainbow Dash,

I have started the process of updating this plugin to the latest version of IPB to be released for free when completed, credit will be given accordingly. If you object to me updating this mod please contact me immediately.

Best regards,

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