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(M34) Videos System


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I have downloaded the application, I am happy with its functionality at the same time I think the application needs some more work on the layout to match the latest 3.3.1 skin. There are several areas which I have found to be non standard.

Thanks for the suggestions.

Hi Mike, thank you fore the great application. We got small issue, thumbnails not appearing on main page, is there any way to fix this thing. See attachment.

I assume then you have the same problem on the actual videos system page as well? Just a few things to help me troubleshoot these.

1. Are these videos posted using the media url or embed code? If the later, then thumbnails will need to be added manually.
2. If your using media urls, are you using a support site like youtube or vimeo?
3. (Assuming your using Youtube and media urls) Open Admin CP > Other Apps dropdown > Videos System > Manage Thumbnail Sites. Now for the YouTube and YouTube (Short URL) entries, edit them and make sure it's linked to their respective media tag/bbcode. Now go and edit a video to see if the thumbnail is rebuilt, if so you can use the rebuild tools to rebuild all the thumbnails. If not, I'll need admin cp login details to take a look at your setup.
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How could I change the "sub-categories" displaying method, so that they would only be separated by a coma, but stay on the same line ? Instead of being displayed one per line...

Best regards,

Edit : Hello,

Here is what is displayed, for an example video : post-325245-0-90138000-1335912847_thumb.

How could I reduce the size of videos, please ?


Edit 2 : Also, I've noticed that eventhough this video was hosted on Youtube, no thumb is displayed... Any solution ?


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1. I am for the moment using the category. But if I could change it for the portal index too, it would be great.
2. Thanks ! :smile: Works fine.
3. Media URL (didn't find how to authorize Embed Codes, BTW) - Yes, I am using Youtube links - They are correctly linked to the right, for sure. But I just edited it to be sure.
After, I rebuilt the thumb images. And looks like now it works... Dunno why, but it's cool.
4. How could I remove the "Video description" input line from the "Adding a video" page ?
5. Would it be possible to replace the "Video Content" input field from that page by a few input lines ?
6. Looks like I can't moderate the videos, though I'm admin on my website... Normal ?
7. Would it be possible to display the poster's profile image above, aside or below it's username, in the comments ?

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1. Category Index - skin_videos > categoryIndex


<ol class='subforums'>[/CODE]

Replace With:

[CODE]<ol class='ipsList_inline'>

Portal Index - skin_videos > portalIndex Find:


Replace With:

<ul class='ipsList_inline'>[/code]

Save. 3. It's a user group setting. 4. That's actually a setting option in the videos system settings "Show video content field?". 6. ACP > Members Tab > Manage Member Groups > Videos System tab. Manage permissions can be set from there. 7. Not something I can easily provide edits for but this has already been suggested and will be added in a future version.

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1. Thanks, works great ! Just, how could I add a coma in between the sub-categories ?
3. Okay :)
4. Well, I'm not talking about the "content" field but the "description" field, wich is displayed below the title, while viewing a video.
5. Would it be possible to replace the "Content" input field from that page by a few input lines ?
6. Okay ! Thanks, didn't think about it...
7. Okay... Any idea about when ?


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1. Same edit for both templates, just add a comma after {$sc_link['name']}</a>
4. Open skin_videos > videoForm. The id for this field is short_desc, removing the label and input box will remove it from the form.
5. This app doesn't have custom fields, the fields that are present are the only ones in the database. You could rename the existing field and use it for another field, it's a 255 character field so can be adapted for most things.
7. I was going to say I just updated but it's already been a month since the last update. >_< I don't give ETAs but I've logged this as a bug report so will be included in a bug fixing update. (Sooner than a major update.)
8. Pretty big code in this edit, so I've pm'd you it.

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1. It is also displayed at the end of the last sub-category... How could I change that ? :/
4. Thanks, it worked ! :)
5. Okay, thanks :)
7. Okay, thanks a lot ! :)
8. Recieved it, i'll answer to the PM if it didn't work ! :)
9. Also, how could I manage to automatically create thumbs for Dailymotion videos ?

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1. That's going to require more changes than I first thought. I've logged a bug report for this and will change this permanently to a single line next version.
9. Sorry my thumbnail function currently doesn't support the way Dailymotion has it's thumbnail.

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9. The problem is the thumbnail image redirects to another url. My thumbnail function currently doesn't support this. IPB has a built in class that I plan on testing to see if it supports the thumbnail url dailymotion uses. If it does, I'll switch and use the built-in functions instead.

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Open admin/applications_addon/other/videos/modules_public/display/index.php

Find (first instance):

'c.date DESC'[/CODE]

Replace With:

'c.date ASC'

Save admin/applications_addon/other/videos/modules_public/display/index.php Replace all instances if you want to change the recent comments page as well. Michael

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