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(M34) Videos System


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I had to slightly adjust the template code - when I used it in the right sidebar, changing the locations of the blocks in the middle, the other blocks in the right sidebar and footer color.

I want to display it beneath by sites articles, exactly like the video section.

I'm working on a list and block template now and will attach the files when done. There might be some delay but I'll try to have these ready early next week.

Unexpected problem arose. I want to give the opportunity for all members to add videos, but with the approval of the administrator. In this case, after adding the video here shows this error page.

Can you send me your latest sql error logs so I can look into this? Alternatively send your board login details and I'll take a look.

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That fixes the way it views but not quite how I'd like it.

Thanks tho Newbee100!

I am glad that I can be useful in an area from which many do not understand :).

And I do not quite like the way visible. I want to see and reviews and appears that thin frame that has it in blocks that are part of the Video System.

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The number of videos in my "Other Videos" category has automatically created a second page. I can access the first page just fine, the first page is here:


But when I click on the "page 2" link to go to the second page, I get this error:

Sorry, you don't have permission for that!

No category matches that id provided.

I'm doing this as Admin, and I don't know why just clicking to go to page 2 would cause a permissions error. Can you assist?

I'm using Videos System v3.0.3.

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I'm doing this as Admin, and I don't know why just clicking to go to page 2 would cause a permissions error. Can you assist?

​Please try this edit and let me know if it fixes it.

Open admin/applications_addon/other/videos/modules_public/display/index.php


Replace With:


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Is there any way to upload (and show) a video thru FTP?

​I have checked into this before and it's a little more complicated then I thought, there's not really a way to keep both the upload option and entering the url manually without significant changes. Have you tried server level changes to increase the maximum file size allowed for upload?

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Today i have he same trouble: the vid is 452 MB and it is not playing after upload. I see only the "loading symbol" from the flowplayer.

I was looking thru FTP, and the vid is there (successfully uploaded). I tranfer the vid again thru FTP, but nothing changed.

Please, can you help?

Edit: Small Fix, but not this, for what i`m paying for...

After uploading the vid-file, i`m looking inside the upload-folder for the file (date) and when i found it, i rename my file on my PC to this and upload (overwrite) it thru FTP....

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Did you upload the complete "Upload"-Folder or the Directorys inside?

Did you run 3.4.6 or 3.4.7 or 4.0 beta something?

​I am running 3.4.7

PHP Version5.4.30
MySQL Version5.5.40-cll

I uploaded the complete "upload" folder via FTP, the same procedure as I have done with other applications

Edited by Marcelo Karlsson
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