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If I give a group permission to post HTML.
If I activate HTML in a forum for those who are allowed to be able to use it there.
If we already have code tags for displaying code (so no reason to tell IP. Board to parse it).

Then why not simply auto-allow HTML when posted to be parsed (used as html - not code view) in a permitted forum by a permitted usergroup instead of:

It would be much faster if the board just knew what-is-what (permission wise) & intelligently allowed it (when permission has been already granted) and with a quick popup just ask "RAW HTML" or "AUTO HTML" when posting. Would make things a lot quicker. I hope you consider this suggestion for future inclusion at some point. P.S. My staff use HTML a lot to embed music production tutorial videos in HD Quality.

[*]Close quick post & open full editor [*]Click on configure post options [*]Click drop down menu and select use html.

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