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Download: (SN30) PM Viewer


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File Name: (SN30) PM Viewer
File Submitter: signet51
File Submitted: 22 Nov 2010
File Category: Applications

This private conversation viewer application created by signet51, is compatible with IPB 3.0.x allows administrators to view only conversation titles, or be able to read all conversations contents, this is made possible by IPB 3's ability to set permission masks for applications, so you can stop other admins viewing the message content, while still enabling them to see the titles of each conversation. In versions 1.3.* and later you now have the ability to delete messages completely so they will no longer appear in the participants message inboxes, and to join conversations so you can participate in them. Now in version 1.5 we are introducing support for viewing and downloading attachments and the editing of messages. There is no indication on the public side that you have read the message or downloaded an attachment using this modification.

This is achieved with no required file edits. There are OPTIONAL file edits to allow messages to be logged when users delete them.

Note: signet51 Modding does NOT support reading members messages behind their backs. If you are going to use this application to read messages, please add the enclosed skin edits to your skins, however these are entirely optional.

Warning: This application is designed for IP.Board 3.0, for IP.Board 3.1 please use (SN31) PM Viewer

Click here to download this file

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