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Are there plans to better the warning/infraction system?


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I hate to refer to vB, but it would be great if your warning/infraction system did all theirs does. One thing I miss after converting is this feature. You can set custom infractions, points, ban levels, etc. and the member can be automatically banned after a certain number, which lets mods ban, and all warnings/infractions given create a post in a specific forum so all the mods know what is going on. The way it is now none of the above is possible. I hope this can be added.

The only thing missing from vB's was when you reversed an infraction the member was not automatically notified. Add that and yours is better than vB's. :)


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Also I just noticed when you fill in the PM box, they don't get a copy of the warning/infraction text and a link to the offending post, they just get what you type for the PM, so they have no idea what you're referring to. There needs to be some default warning text, a post reference, and how many points they got etc.

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