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Download: Bullet forum rank icons (animated)


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File Name: Bullet forum rank icons (animated)
File Submitter: Bry5012
File Submitted: 20 Nov 2010
File Updated: 08 Dec 2010
File Category: Group Team Icons

Something different for me as I love making these and I love doing animations. PSD is in .ZIP format and fully editable. The shadow actually looks better on darker forum skins...my apologies!

you need to open the PSD file and then edit it to your liking...when you save it you need to SAVE FOR WEB AND DEVICES as a gif






Click here to download this file

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if ANYONE has issues getting the animation to work, please let me know so I can assist in showing a method that will work for you.

I am also having trouble. I have CS3 and the latest QuickTime. I cannot get any animation on these or on Animated Forum Rank Icons.
I have saved as .gif but still nothing. The bullets get an error about missing video files and the others about missing font.
Any help would great. I love the look of them.
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