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Does Teir 2 support work weekends?


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Instead of me sitting here wasting another weekend away waiting does teir 2 support work weekends?

Do you mean the Ipb staff? I don't know if they work on week-ends but I remember seeing staff members online on week-ends here before. Anyway, if you have any issue with your forum, in meanwhile you can also try to post here and hopefully one of us would know the solution and help you.
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sure, have a stab even though I know where this will go.


Can't use my site until it is resolved and I have advertisers screaming to get their Black Friday deals up on my homepage. Don't dare touch IPContent in fear other stuff will disappear also or revert. I already lost tons of custom block coding. Haven't been able to use IPC since Nov 11th, upgrade without issues so I have had to stop

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