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Download: Invision Elegance 3.0


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I bought for IPB 3.0.5 version in March 2010. In a client area on your site do not give me download. Why? I can only download the old version, which can not be applied since July 2010. How do I download a new version for IPB 3.1.3?
Trying to find information on your site, but it's hard to understand where it is, because I do not understand English

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Unfortunately you can download the version for IPB 3.0.3 or 3.0.4, though bought in March 2010. Himself reworked for version 3.0.5. Wanted to buy more, but the skins are updated very rarely, I do not use more pay. While the author updates, already a new version of IPB
Not profitable to spend money

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Already the Release of IBT 3.1.4
Who bought it to version 3.1.3 again to fly to version 3.1.4?? When the author was upgraded to this version? Perhaps in a year. It's not fair. I do not fit. I will use free skins. Thank you!

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