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Suggestion for IPS: IP.Store


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If I may make a suggestion to IPS...

I suggest IPS create a SkinStore or IP.Store (ala AppStore) that would allow customers to purchase skins, addons and widgety-things from the Admin CP and purchase, download, install and update in-app. Skins especially.

This could offer a nice revenue source for IPS and help out your customers by making it easier to find, purchase, install and update products in the IP.Suite.

Think about it: IP.Store

You're Welcome :)

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Indeed Charles!

So when will we see directly installable and upgradable add-ons from the ACP? ;)

Marketplace is great except I still need to download it, unzip it, upload it to the server, fix permissions and then run an installer or do some post-upload hack and maybe even fix permissions again.

What I'm thinking is a "IP.Marketplace" button at the top of the ACP dashboard somewhere that lets me browse available add-ons select one and click "Buy and Install" to have the add-on downloaded and installed automatically. I also suggest an Updates panel or tab showing me available add-on package updates, not dissimilar to how the app store on the iPhone works. I could simply click "Update All" to have all the updates downloaded, installed and applied automatically.

Anyway, I hope it's of some value, not exactly a cure for cancer but who knows...

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