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Download: Bottom Nav Box


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File Name: Bottom Nav Box
File Submitter: NiftyWolfie
File Submitted: 15 Nov 2010
File Category: IP.Content Blocks

Bottom Navigation Box

This is a simple block that holds links to other sections of your site. I have left some in to give you the correct format to use. Mostly it will be replacing ### with your links/title etc.

*You will NEED to alter the links to suit your site*

I have added 5 sections to it with 5 links to each section and 2 image links to twitter/facebook.

It comes with its own basic CSS for size/positioning and uses the default CSS of the skin for the colours.

Download the 2 icons below and upload them into your IPContent media centre remembering their location to alter the links to find the correct location (Default is main media area).


Click here to download this file

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