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Mat Barrie

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the latest version today.. how do I edit the child link on primary menu ?

I think that is a bug I sent him a ticket early this morning.

Another bug is the alignment of the chat tab count. Always aligns to the far right menu item.
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I would like to suggest a feature: on installation or by using a "tool" to reset and auto generate the "default" current navigation as installed. As a basis for a starting point, then allow you to modify each tab.

Hierarchy tree: I would like to see on one page the hierarchy tree of all menus and their children menus and allow quick access to order and move children to other parents, or parents to a child of another parent.

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Auto consolidate with a MORE ▾ tab.

I noticed on IPB 3.2 if you add extra apps and have all the native apps in the Navigation bar and your browser is too small to display all the
navigations as tabs it will consolidate the overflow in to a MORE ▾ tab and these items are accessed from the drop down.

Does upgraded Fusion Menu also provide this function?

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if the menu isn't showing up in one skin can you help or do i need to contact the skin maker?

the skin creator ask me to find the following out

I think that fusion menu overwrite the skin to add this menu , I do not own this application ,

so if you can ask the author if he can give you some hints about his overwrite method , then let me know what he said so we can create a modified version of the skin which compatible with fusion menu .

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Bug on Safari browser 5.0.5

Primary navigation items expand to the right when navigation subitem are being added. This occurs using the safari browser 5.0.5 on OSX 10.6.8



Yea its on all the browsers. I went in and checked the css i think it was and it adds a min width at like 150 px. So its supposed to expand when you add a dropdown. If you go to the css you can change the min-width. I may be wrong, just an observation.
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When I link to the Help Files the automatic generated link is mysite.com/forum/index.php?app=core instead of mysite.com/forum/index.php?app=core&module=help

This causes the (already logged in) user to be asked to login. After login, the user is forwarded to the forum index.

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