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Sphinx doesn't work after upgrade to 3.1.3

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Please help...

Yesterday i have done an upgrade to IPB3.1.3. Everything went well, except the search system.
I use sphinx as the search engine. It just stopped working after the upgrade.
Do i have to change some settings manually to get it work? (sphinx.conf?)


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In addition to this topic's title, there is a documented bug with Sphinx and 3.1.2 - View New Content and My Content often return duplicate topics. Sometimes on the same page, and sometimes on different pages. Does anyone know if this was addressed and maybe fixed in 3.1.3?

If an answer doens't appear here a start a new topic on it.

Please post if you are able to fix Sphinx working at all with forum searches in 3.1.3

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Something may be wrong on you side. I performed upgrade to 3.1.3 on my board and didn't has any issues with sphinx.

Thanks for the reply.

Was Shpinx already installed before the 3.1.3 upgrade?

If so, before the upgrade, did you have duplicate occasional topics returned with View New Content, and My Content?
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