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Jason-Dan-Lindy: Examples Of Why I'm A Loyal Invision Customer


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I've recently had some problems with my forum and server, and either Dan, Jason, or Lindy handled all my problems expeditously, treated me like a human being (no canned responses), and took the time to explain the issue and if there was anything I could do to prevent it or handle it in the future. They didn't get frusterated that I'm an amateur, or that I kept bugging them with every bug, they are really dedicated to making sure all my software and hardware is running as it should and even better then it should. I can't say enough good things about these guys.

I've been a loyal Invision customer with multiple products for years, and the team members above along with several others, is what sets Invision apart. Best, most responsive, helpful customer technical support that actually resolves your issue within minutes. Top notch leading forum and community software hosted on excellent hardware.

Thank you guys!

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