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Easiest way to convert from MyISAM to INNODB

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Hello guys,
Could You tell me what is the easiest way to convert 4 tables from myisam to innodb?
I'd like to convert images, post, topics and members - I have seen the most time locks on those tables.
Do I need to stop mysql server abd then use some third party sw or could I use some built-in mysql services?
I'm using mysql 5.0
Of course I would do this on test board at the begining

ps. is it possible to easily go back whith those few tables to myisam?


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I changed my posts and members_map tables as these were both showing up in my slow query log.

You may have to drop some indexes when changing to InnoDB - I did with my posts table. (Make a note of the indexes in case you want to change back.)

I also used PHPMyAdmin to effect the change and to drop the respective indexes.

Note: I'm using Sphinx for search so not sure if dropping those indexes will affect the built-in IPB search capability?

Shaun :D

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Had tried option to convert to InnoDB
helped extremally with performance after conversion of MEMBERS table - we had there extreme ammount of locks - now it's OK
I had tried to convert also gallery_images, unfortunatelly after conversion server started to be unstable, we had some issues with autorestart of mysql and so on.
From time time I got 300 mysql threads instead of 5-10 in standard mode.
What should I do to try to run also gallery_images as an InnoDB - this table has 130k rows and its about 200mb.
Do I have to tweaks somehow mysql config in the InnoDB section?
Thanks and regards

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