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MySQL tuning performance

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mY site is getting more and more bussy.
I'd like to do something with DB server. just now db is about 95% of general load of the service.
Could You help me with introducing MySQL partitioning and replication.
Does IPB have included support for such techniques?


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There is no "do more" configuration option in MySQL. Replication isn't going to help unless you put the slaves on a separate VM or server. Partitioning? Unlikely that will be of any benefit either on a site your size.

You are trying to stuff 10 lbs of potatoes into a 5lb bag.

My suggestion: get a separate MySQL server (or web server, same difference) or a bigger/faster server.

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Just now I see the most problem with locks especially on 3 tables: images, users and posts.
Is it a good idea to make them INNODB?
server is relativelly good machine: 2 quads, 8gb ram, db is on dedicated RAID10 SAS 15k RPMS, files are on different SAS RAID5 15k rpms, we are reaching about 250qps

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