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iArcade 1.1 Beta2


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I just bought support so I could install your 1.1 Beta2 Arcade.

I did the 1st step, moved the upload folders (admin to admin, public to hooks, and created a new folder called arcade with allt he files).

I did the 2nd step and edited what I needed to.

But the iArcade doesn't show up in the Apps and Mods section for me to install? any idea why?


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May i ask one stupid question?
I've just installed iArcade for 3.1.4. But in the iArcade directory configuration, i'm a bit lost.

Games Path: should be the folder in my FTP, for example http://www.mywebsite/documents/iArcade, where the games will be stored, right?
Web Location: what's the difference with the first one?

The problem is that this folder is created but i have an error message saying it doesn't exist or it's not writable. But can't I copy/paste the .tar game file in this folder?

Thanks :smile:


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