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iArcade 1.1 Beta2


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File Name: iArcade 1.1 Beta2

File Submitter: Collin1000

File Submitted: 31 Oct 2010

File Category: User and Social Engagement

Supported Versions: IP.Board 3.1.x

iArcade 1.1 is the latest iArcade release, for IPB 3.1.3 and up.

iArcade 1.1 includes a totally re-written from scratch code base, cleaner template, faster load times, and awesome new ajax features. It supports the IPB comments system and notifications system as well.

iArcade 1.1 supports both v2 and v32 scoring formats, and has an automated .tar import tool.

Please visit www.iarcademod.com for support and addons (IP.Shoutbox, IP.Downloads and more)

Please note, due to a bug in IPB 3.1.2 and 3.1.1, this version is only supported on IPB 3.1.3 & up.

here to download this file

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I have IPB 3.1.3 installed , is this the application I should download?

where can I get the detail

such as from where to get games...

We recommend ibpdownloads.com for games.


Does this mean it will only work on a dedicated server? What about a shared server and/or VPS ? :ermm:

It won't work if you use one of the IPS monthly hosting plans with an encoded board. A standard license (unencoded files) will run fine.
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iArcade 1.1 will only work on IP.Board 3.1.3 ONLY!

It works on 3.1.2 and 3.1.1 with a file edit to fix that bug, but we aren't officially supporting that.

Just added to my website after coming from ibproarcade, with the exception of some lost feature I am really enjoying it and you guys did a great job! Hope to see this work with ibeconomy soon :)

I'm working on getting a plugin soon.
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I just installed a fresh copy of IP.Board 3.1.3, using a new blank database, on my test server.

After installing iArcade beta1, I had to search for a while to locate the files and directories I had to chmod to 777 as the installation instructions did not point to these.

Also for the installation paths (games path & web location), I had to use other ones than the ones suggested out of the help link. As I also had previous iArcade installed at my live forum, I used these settings for my test environment.

Installing a few v2 games (using Add New .tar Game) resulted in errors :

Warning: copy(/home/xxx/domains/yyy/public_html/forum/admin/applications_addon/other/iArcade/games/all/tars/gamedata/sealbounce/) [function.copy]: failed to open stream: No such file or directory in /home/xxx/domains/yyy/public_html/forum/admin/applications_addon/other/iArcade/modules_admin/games/import.php on line 42

Hereby : xxx = admin account and yyy = forum url

Also installing v32 games resulted in similar errors.

Funny thing is that I can play all games installed, score submitting is another thing. For the v2 games the right scores are submitted, the v32 games scores turn out to be all "0" after submitting.

All my games have been running on my previous IPB 2.3.6 board without any problems what concerns the score submitting. I get my games at invisionarcade.com and ibpdownloads.com ... :(

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