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Download: (PIN) Bookie System

Peter F.

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File Name: (PIN) Bookie System
File Submitter: peaderfi
File Submitted: 28 Oct 2010
File Category: Applications

I know a number of people have been waiting a while for this, some quite a while, indeed it's something I've been working on for a while now. Due to the amount of work and time that has gone into creating the app I have decided that it will be a paid application. Anyway without further ado I present to you

The (PIN) Bookie System

The (PIN) Bookie System adds a "points bookie" to your forums that allows you (or your members if they have the necessary permissions) to create "books" upon which your other members can bet (again provided they have the necessary permissions).

There are two different types of "books" that you can setup for your users to "bet" on:
Now you will have noticed that I've been placing certain words in quotes above. This is because some of the words in "" can have different meanings depending on how the app is configured by the admin. These "special words" are explained in the FAQ at the bottom of the post. Each type of "book" also has a corresponding Leaderboard where users are ranked based on their success (or lack therof) in their "bets" or "picks". Frequently Asked Questions Q. Is there a free version or a trail version? A. Due to the nature of the application (the featureset) and other technical limitations a free version or ]a trial version is not possible. I will be setting up a demo of the app shortly. Q. How much does it cost? A. It costs $10 and can be purchased from here. Q. Where can I purchase this fine application? A. It can be purchased directly from my site The Mod Station. You will need to register an account on the site to purchase as the app is delivered via the downloads system on the site. Q. I bought the app but I can't download it. HELP! A. Due to the risk of fraud all transactions are screened before they are approved. This unfortunately means that there is some delay between purchase and delivery of the app. I do endeavour to approve transactions as quickly as possible, however there will be times when I am not at my computer, and thus unable to approve the transactions. I apologise in advance for this but unfortunately it cannot be helped at the present time. Should you find that your transaction has not been approved after 48 hours please open a ticket in the Client Area of my site giving as much detail about the transaction as possible. Q. I think I've discovered a bug in the app? A. Please report it, giving as much detail as possible, in the Tracker Bookie Category on my site. Q. I have a feature which should absolutely be included in the app NAO! A. All feature requests/suggestions should be posted in the Bookie Feedback Forum on my site. I cannot guarantee that any specific feature request will be implemented, nor can I guarantee that every feature request will be replied to, however all feature requests/suggestions are reviewed and assessed on their merits. "Bumping" of old feature requests is allowed provided the replies are not "spam" (ie selling Viagra etc). Q. What is an "event"? A. An "event" is something upon which a "bookmaker" thinks users will bet. Examples include a football match, how many users will sign up to the forums in the next week, who will win a given league or competition. Essentially an "event" can be anything you want it to be. Q. What is a "book"? A. A "book" is the thing a "bookmaker" sets up to allow users to "bet" on or "pick" a given outcome of an "event". Q. What is the difference between a "bet" and a "pick"? A. A "bet" involves users placing a certain amount of their points on a given option (a wager), with the expectation of winning an amount of points greater than their bet should the option win, should their chosen option not win then they lose their initial wager or "bet". A "pick" is when the user selects a given option to win but places no points at risk should the option not win. Users can "bet" on an "Event Book" and can "pick" an option in a "PickEm Book". Q. What is a "bookmaker"? A. A "bookmaker" is a person who can create "books" for users to "bet" on or "pick" an option from. There are two ways in which selected users can act as "bookmakers" in the app. The first is as straight up bookies. They offer bets for people to bet on and take the risk to their points balance. So users placing bets are betting directly against the bookie, which means if they win the bookie pays them the winnings out of the bookie's own points balance, and if they lose the bookie gets to keep their bet. The other way is for selected groups to act as bookmakers on behalf of the site. In this case the "bookmakers" don't gain any points when people lose bets, nor do they lose any when people win bets. Instead the site is the real bookie and points are taken from users when they place a bet and awarded to users when they win bets. The choice is a global option and is configurable from within the ACP. Q. What are the scoring systems for the Leaderboards? A. The "Events" Leaderboard uses the following system: (bet + return) for a win and -bet for a loss since users do lose points by betting while the "PickEm" Leaderboard uses: 1 for a win, 0 for a loss Q. How do I "settle" an event? A. A task runs every 10 minutes to check for "books" which have closed. If it finds any it then marks them as closed. Once a "book" is marked as closed the "bookmaker" who created the "book" can edit the first post of the thread and they will be presented with the option of choosing which option has "won" the "event". Upon selecting and submitting that chose the forum will automatically settle each and every bet made on that book awarding points where they are due and updating the relevant leaderboard as necessary. Click here to download this file

[*] Events Books - These are the traditional type of books. Each "book" corresponds directly to one "event". As an example lets say you have a football match at the weekend between Chelsea and Man Utd. A "bookmaker" creates a "book" for this "event" with the options "Chelsea - Win", "Utd - Win", "Draw". Users can "bet" on these options using points they have on their profile (NB: At present the users must have points from a points app/mod installed on your forums to be able to place "bets" in the bookie). Throughout the "event" duration the bookie can alter the odds for each option. When a user places a "bet" on a given option they "lock in" the odds available for that option at the time the event is placed. [*] PickEm Books - In this type of book there are no "odds", no points "bet", just a straight "pick" of one of the options. Lets take our Chelsea - Utd example. In this case a "bookmaker" would setup a "PickEm Book" with the options "Chelsea - Win", "Utd - Win", "Draw". Users would then choose which option they think will happen as their "pick". They only get one choice per pickem "event".

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I just downloaded this, but am unsure of how to create "events".

I am only interested in the pick em portion.

As mentioned in the FAQ above, groups which you designate as bookmakers are able to create "events" when starting a topic in the forums you have set as being able to have books created in.

Okay, I managed to create an event, but am still having the same problem this member is. They will not display.

Ensure that ibEconomy is updated to the latest version. I've not checked but if the latest version if 1.4.1 the hook has a bug about which the author is aware. This bug prevents some other hooks from being run. I've provided a fixed version of the hook in the bookie download.

Which points software should be used with this app?

Links to them please.

ibEconomy. I don't have the link to hand at the moment.


Now I got it to show up, but when a member hits the 'Bet Now' button, I get a database error.

Please place the details of the database error in the ticket you have opened on my site so that I can use them to further debug.

I ran my database checker and this came up...

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I'm all running smoothly, Books are being created, and after a little tinkering by the author, all is good.

This is a brilliant mod when used in conjunction with Economy - any issues though, log a ticket with the author's support site - he is top notch at helping you out.

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Now I got it to show up, but when a member hits the 'Bet Now' button, I get a database error.

Just to let people know that this particular issue was caused by a conflict between an old betting modification and this one. The old modification used a table which was named the same as one of the tables this mod needs. As the structure of the old table was drastically different to that needed by the app this table conflict caused the inability to bet issue.
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When will the feature for being able to pay out several options at once be available ? The pickem is like it but you can't bet points on that.

I'm planning to extend the functionality to allow multiple books to be attached to a single topic. Allowing multiple options to be paid out would cause all sorts of problems, not least of which is users getting confused at the multiple payouts.

I don't have an ETA on this extension though.

Better yet, when will this be available to download? Looks like it's been taken down.

It was (and is) a paid modification, when the files here were changed from linked files to hosted files the download was deleted (I'm still considering whether or not to re-add it here as a paid modification). It would appear that this topic wasn't deleted at the same time.
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I'm planning to extend the functionality to allow multiple books to be attached to a single topic. Allowing multiple options to be paid out would cause all sorts of problems, not least of which is users getting confused at the multiple payouts.

I don't have an ETA on this extension though.

I would LOVE to be able to list multiple pickems in the same thread. Having to make multiple threads is a bit much but I LOVE this mod. I hope you can make the extension a reality relatively soon :)
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