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IPB + Memcached + nginx

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Configured Memcached caching in IPB 3.1.2. Also installed on the server nginx. But the idea to tie nginx and Memcached, to nginx gave the result immediately, if it is in Memcached. If not - give the query to backend, there has to perform calculations and the result recorded in Memcached.

Explored how IPB puts value in Memcached.

The whole thing looks like this:

memcache_set ($ this-> link, md5 ($ this-> identifier. $ key), $ value, MEMCACHE_COMPRESSED, intval ($ ttl));

Benefit from logging call this function, and obtained the following values:

ID - $ this-> identifier

KEY - $ key

VALUE - $ value

ID: http://forum.com, KEY: badwords, VALUE: a: 0: {}

ID: http://forum.com, KEY: banfilters, VALUE: a: 0: {}

ID: http://forum.com, KEY: multimod, VALUE: a: 0: {}

ID: http://forum.com, KEY: skin_remap, VALUE: a: 0: {}

ID: http://forum.com, KEY: useragentgroups, VALUE: a: 0: {}

It's all in the IPB, now both looking at the matter nginx:

nginx can handle parameters and $ uri $ args, that when viewing the logs as follows:

= [/ Index.php - / topic/428-vyatsvua/page__st__20] =


$ Uri - / index.php

$ Args - / topic/428-vyatsvua/page__st__20

The result is that the keys, which caches the IPB to use nginx fail. But at the same time, I do not fully understand the IPB logic of caching in Memcached.

By this question: how can we reach out to the value of the cache Memcached, knowing only the URL page in the forum? Can anyone facing the same problem or someone else will be interested;)

Best regards & sorry for my english)
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