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SkinnersPlayGround Templaes

Amged Osman

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Hi, I got this idea after messing up my skin in that post

I have a skin made by Olivier that includes a custom made template called _guestMessages, which means it doesnt come with the default ipb templates
the templates is parsed through the parse template codes

{parse template="_guestMessage" group="global" params=""}

so the moment i used the template tools :

Clean Up Templates Database & recached my skin, the template was deleted which broke my skin
so basically my idea is, why not add single blank template that comes with IPB by default call it "_blankTemplate" or something, which will allow skinners to add their customized templates without having to worry bout using the Clean Up tools?

If the idea was approved, I would also recommend that we advanced a little bit to pass variables as well so in "_blankTemplate" the data variable should have a $data=array()

I beleive this will allow skinners to create better stuff

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I would suggest that they don't remove added templates. As simple as that. I'm not sure that being "forced" to put our code into a single blank template is a good idea. We should be able to create as much as we want to, or else they shouldn't allow us to create new templates at all.

well of course, if it can be done then by all mean this is a better solution ... not sure it can be done though
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