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How to know if cache works?


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We've implemented Xcache but it still appears as if all images, scripts etc load for every single page.

How do I troubleshoot caching? It seems to me that there is no effect of the cache at all.

When I request anything on our forums it takes 2-3 seconds, then it starts to appear. Is this normal behaviour?

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Turned out that xcache was not enabled on my server. :whistle: Took a while to figure out...we use lxadmin as our control panel and "intuitive" is not the first word that comes to mind.

Now it's enabled and the pages are delivered faster.

However, I wonder why I get this strange delay before the page loads. Look at this:

post-157900-086229900 1287262689_thumb.p

There is a noticeable 3-4 second lag between the actual request for the page, and the time it starts to load pages.

What could cause this? Any ideas?

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