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It seems almost confusing the way IP.Board is hidden in the tech support drop down. I did a double take and even checked if I was still active on my customer account when I noticed it wasn't there.


Just my two cents.

It's not so much that IP.Board is hidden, and more that IP.Nexus is a special case at the moment. We've got a special department for it until all the techs are up to speed with it.

We could maybe do to prefix "IP.Nexus" with "Special Support" or similar to make it more clear. :)
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Does that mean that IP.Nexus has a special SLA or will be released very soon? As there isn't support for Beta Software.

It's there in preparation for release.

Following a new product release, all tickets are dealt with by the developer of that product partly so that issues can be identified quickly and partly so technicians have time to become accustomed with the new product. A few weeks after release it'll be deleted and merged with General Support.
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