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Download: [MD31] Group format 1.0.6

Massive Dynamics

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instaling this mod increase the

6 queries > 40 queries on index page

15 queries > 30 queries on forum page

is this normal behavior

If i disable this hook every thing get reduced .. :huh:

Oh wow, I never noticed that. I'll fix it up for 1.0.5 and release it soon.

EDIT: @CDKey: I don't have quite as much done as Terabyte's, but this doesn't require you to do skin edits or file edits every time you upgrade <_<
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wow gr 8 work dude my forum page query got some what normal after the update

BUt index page still remains the same :( any body have same issue ??

mod enabled = 12
disabled = 11

mod enabled = 14
disabled = 9

mod enabled = 38
disabled = 6

mod enabled = 21
disabled = 11

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Oh, I forgot to do profile view optimisations, sorry! I'll put that in 1.0.6

The forum index view and forum view ones are up a lot because the subforum part of the hook needs to be redone in a different way. The data given to the hook is per subforum, not all at once, so I'll have to do that differently.

In any case, they should both be back to normalish in 1.0.6 :) Thanks for your patience and help by telling me about these.

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Alright, I put up a quick update that should fix the profile view query count (increases by 3 or 4 instead of 15 or 20!), and some of the board index ones (maybe 2 or three less)

It should also fix the bug on topic view, but I can't guarantee it.

I'm fixing the forum index and board index query problem for 1.0.7, and will probably add more functionality in it or 1.0.8

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