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Few ideas to improove the board


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Hello i have few ideas how you guys could improove the board:
1. Add a possibility to add/change a Forum icon "IconMod" by default.
2. Add a ActiveUsers list sort method (By group(custom order), By name, By session time etc.).
3. Add SubForums(ForumView) list expand/collapse toggle button its really annoying with forums which has alot of subforums + topics when you have to scroll alot.
4. Add optional(acp enable/disable) Pinned/Regular topics separator bar (as 2.x versions has).
5. Add dynamic(non cached) bbcode support like [ping]some_ip[/ping] which is not static. I know it is possible by adding DataHooks but you already made a BBCODE with php feature so why not to improove it?

Also why is IN_DEV mode working so slow ?
+bug found on tools/buildInDev.php which uses 'master_skin_xmlskin' directory which not exists. The directory name is 'master_skin_xml'

I think you should separate the IN_DEV mode from an advanced ACP functions.
Its annoying when you have to enable IN_DEV to edit/export some hook/app and then disable again.
IN_DEV mode is nice when you develop a mod or an application but it should not affect the ACP features like Exporting or Editing.

Best Regards.

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