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Download: (SOS31) Public Topic Multi-Moderation v1.0.0

Adriano Faria

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Step 4: Feature usage

Still inside the Admin CP, visit the Forums tab and find Public Topic Multi-moderation on the left menu. All your multi-moderations will be listed (if you have some); click in green image (tick) to allow topic authors to use the topic multi-moderation. Click on red image (cross) to disallow topic authors to use the topic multi-moderation; in this case, only moderators will use the topic multi-moderation.

When I click on "Public Topic Multi-moderation" on the left, I do not list my multi-mod
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Make sure you upload all files from this APP!

Thank you for your response.

Indeed, some files were not moved. I don't know why but cannot me send them from the folder. I had to put first on my PC desktop to be able to send them correctly.

Problem solved. Now, I will try your work. Thank you for your donation! :)
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It seems that bots can still use public topic multi-mods, although the hook is set as not usable by guests.

To date, Google, Bing, and some spambots have done this with a particular public topic multi-mod on my site.

Recent examples:

IPB 3.4.1, hook 2.1.0.

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The last version of this APP was released for 3.2. This is not for 3.4.

Better unidtall it... And no, no timefrme to update it.

No probs.

What I think is happening is that bots are following the my_topic_options_menucontent links in the source code (they're set as style='display:none' but I guess that this doesn't matter to bots). So I'm not sure if it's specific to later IPB versions.

I've set the links to rel='nofollow' to see if this mitigates the issue. If not, I'll see if there's a way to completely hide the template from guests, or else disable the mod.

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