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Download: (SOS32) Admin CP Security Password

Adriano Faria

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File Name: (SOS32) Admin CP Security Password
File Submitter: Adriano Faria
File Submitted: 06 Oct 2010
File Category: Modifications

This mod will add a 'security password' field to the Admin CP login page. The password can be changed or enabled/disabled through the ACP. For security reasons, when you update the password it will be converted to an md5() hash which is a long alpha-numeric string... To enter a new password just clear the box and enter it as you normally would.


  • IP.Board 3.3.X
  • IP.Board 3.2.X

Specific Notes:

Click here to download this file
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Bug known: IP.Board or any APP update

Just discovered that if you try to update IP.Board or any app, you'll need to 'relogin' in Admin CP, like that:


So your credentials will never work 'cause it's missing the security password on this screen. Till I didn't fix this (next days), you can workaround this by removing the edits in admin/sources/loginauth/login_core.php. Now you can update IP.Board or APPs. After updating, redo the edits.

I will post new version with this fixed as soon as possible.

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This file has been reported as broken because: Doesn't ask for the password when going to ACP when enabled.

I really think this kind of thing funny. Did you watch the video? Is this working or not?

If your edits didn't work for you, doesn't mean that the mod doesn't work for everybody else. It's most likely the problem is on your side.
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