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File Name: Joie
File Submitter: ehren.
File Submitted: 05 Oct 2010
File Updated: 29 May 2011
File Category: Professional Skins

We are glad to announce the release of our new light IP.Board skin, Joie. Joie is a modern, simple, minimalistic skin with a lot of features in it. It is in fact our most complex skin to date. Please take a moment to go through all of our very nice features. If you are in a hurry, you can see the skin live here or watch the promotional video here:

Completely New Board Index
The board index has been completely redone. Indeed, forget the complex, tabled categories. Joie has a very simple concept. Two tabs: one with a list of the latest topics (25 by default, which can be increased / decreased) and one with all the hooks (Gallery images, status updates, etc.). The board index also has a table-less sidebar, with a list of your categories / forums, your board statistics and some useful links.


Of course, you will be able to find a tutorial on how to revert back to the default board index soon if you do not like the way it currently is.

Categories & Statistics Everywhere
The categories and statistics are displayed everywhere in the "Forums" tab, meaning that even if you are reading a topic or browsing a forum, the sidebar will be right there for easy navigation.


Stunning Navigation / Search Bar
In addition to our navigation with the dropdown menus, we have added an inline search box that appears when you click the black search button. If you re-click it, then the navigation reappears.


Color Variations
Joie has three default color variations that can be selected right from the skin: Blue, pink and orange. These are not completely new skins, but more of a "style switcher" really. You can, of course, easily create your own color variation.


Completely New Forum View, Topics & Profiles
The forum view is now simpler than ever.


The Topic view has also been entirely redone for a much simpler and cleaner navigation.


Profiles are also brand new.


Very Cool User Navigation
Joie has a very cool user navigation which has a nice opacity effect. When on top of the page, the user bar is 100% opaque - as soon as you scroll down, it gets more transparent. When you over the bar with your mouse, it gets 100% opaque again.


...And A Lot More
Joie has a lot more of nice effects and features. Of course, it has every features that all our IP.Board skins currently have: the login lightbox, the fading toplink, the dropdown menus, etc. We have also implemented a lot of our nice "popboxes" (lightboxes) so again, navigation stays clear, simple and clean.

We hope that you will enjoy the skin - please note that we will do a lot of tutorials this week to edit things around in Joie, because we know that some of the features can "scare" some of our customers that love the way IP.Board handles stuff by default.

If you find bugs with the skin, please report them in our Bug Tracker.
If you need support with the skin, please seek for help in our Support area.

More new exciting stuff is coming very soon.

Click here to view the skin live.
Click here to purchase the skin.

Click here to download this file
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