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Suggestion: Member specified side bars


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I was thinking how cool it would be if each member could specify the order of the member side bar in addition create an additional "hook" system that allowed for developers to create "side bar widgets" so members could add things to their side bars that forum admins allow.

Obviously you'd still give forum owners control over specifying if a side bar was required and where to put it (for example an ad or donation side bar obviously the forum admin won't want you to be able to remove that).

Also possibly add in a left side bar, I realize there are some apps out there that will do that, but it'd be nice to see it as an official IPS thing.

I'm fairly sure something like this has been mentioned before but I was just thinking to myself how nice it would be not to have to scroll down most the way of the page to get to the status updates. Power to the lazy lol.

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