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error upgrading


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i change my forum host and when i try to restore db and upgrade i have this error:

mySQL query error: SELECT m.*, m.member_id as my_member_id,p.*,pp.*,g.* FROM ibf_members m  LEFT JOIN ibf_pfields_content p ON ( p.member_id=m.member_id ) 

 LEFT JOIN ibf_profile_portal pp ON ( pp.pp_member_id=m.member_id ) 

 LEFT JOIN ibf_groups g ON ( g.g_id=m.member_group_id )   WHERE m.member_id=1

SQL error: Unknown column 'p.member_id' in 'on clause'

SQL error code: 1054

Date: Monday 04th o October 2010 06:19:29 PM


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IP.Board Feedback

Do you need technical support?

You can obtain support via the client area, or you can try to obtain peer-to-peer support at IPS Resources.

Please note these are not the correct forums for support. If you need help, please post in the correct forums.

If you feel this was in error or you have questions, feel free to send me a PM.
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