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I like IPB, but there is something very weird about it that makes me want to pull my hair:

It's how IPB deals with permissions in its theme. For example, if I want to disable the search for guests, they still see it but will get an error messages whenever they try to use it. Why is it shown in the first place? If I don't have permission to use something, why do I still see it? It's the same weirdness for bbcode; if I disable some codes for users, they still see the code and use it! It will even appear in the post as is "example: ".

This problem affects everything in IPB! Moderators options such as

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Basically you would have to add code to the skin, and in a LOT of places, to check for which Group the person is in. That's not a trivial job, and I agree with Jason that posting a suggestion is your best bet at this point. Customer demand does play a role in what features make it into new versions of IP.Board.

Poll attached. Please vote if you want to see that added.
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