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audit trail and the way IPboard filters bad words


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Through searching I've read people asking for IPboard to handle the way it does bad word filtering a little differently. Currently it filters words before going into the database which leaves the original record edited.

I was hoping at one point to recommend IPboard to the enterprise I work for that I've managed a few boards for. The way IPboard filters words would make the recommendation get thrown out real fast. From a legal standpoint we have to keep unedited original copies of all posts that happen in the forums. Without them we have no solid evidence in dealing with employee situations. Additionally, if the forums contain any information that could pertain to a lawsuit, we must provide the raw posts for legal review.

How has IPboard solved this for large customers? I would be surprised if it was not brought up at some point once legal dug their hands into the process. Simply leaving filters off is not an option.

I'm hoping IPboard can come up with a better solution in the future. Legal situations are quite common at a fortune 100 company.

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