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Globals Modification to the NOTIFICATION system pop-up window - notifications - notification hook


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Hello Everybody.

I must ask for an immediate modification. I've opened several threads about but this is a global one that includes all the problem that need a rapid solution.

1. The Pop-Up notification window: is confusing, its layout is totally different from the previous one, my users like the previous that was readable and it was with no margin from the top. Some big notification are not readable, they fall into the bottom of the monitor. No way to move that window. So please..come back to the previous layout of the notification pop-up window!

2. The notifications: If i have 3 message of notification in the drop down menu in the top of the forum and I read one all the notifications will be marked as read (facebook system) but this is totally wrong! We are not facebook and facebook is wrong because If I read 1 notification on 3 i must have the remaining 2 marked as UNREAD!

3. Notification hook: this is completely wrong! When I click to read a notification..I read the private message (for example) and not the notification!! Also there only read messages should be marked as read!

Thank you for you patience but this modifications need to be solved as soon as possible. Many users of mine are lefting the board cause everytime they understand how to use the forum the new release put something completely different from the previous version that totally confuse the users and mee too!


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