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Location of Some Menu Items


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I'd like to ask why do we have My Settings as an Option on the Top Menu and on the "Signed In As..."
Its there in two places.

My members were wondering where the Messenger Link has Gone. Clicking on Just a Number at the top, is not IMHO the easiest way to show it.
Why couldn't MY SETTINGS on the Top Menu, become the Messenger Link.

Also, having a way down at the bottom, the link for "Todays Active Content", seems a bit out of the way. Many members think that is poor design.
Couldn't that be on the "Signed In As.." part, or could not both of these be on the Member Menu.

How difficult is it to put things on the Members Menu. If it was easy, then couldn't we be shown how to add something to the Members Menu.

Not a rant.....just some constructive criticism!


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Today's active content does not relate in any way to the user account, and shouldn't be shown in the user box at the top IMO.

As for your other ideas, that is why the skin is fully editable. :) Not everyone will agree on the best way to make something look, so you're free to reskin the board to look however you think is best for your users.

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