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Download: (Wolf) Restricted Reply Function


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File Name: (Wolf) Restricted Reply Function
File Submitter: Wolfie
File Submitted: 28 Sep 2010
File Category: Hooks and Plugins

This hook will enable you to restrict the reply function so that only the topic starter and certain staff and/or member groups can reply to the topic.

Useful if you need to have a forum where members can ask for help and then only those with certain access are able to respond to those topics. Preventing random replies can cut down on bad advice or other sorts of unwanted replies that can cause issues or confusion.

* Select forums to restrict reply function on
* Select groups to exempt from the restriction (can require member to have it as their primary group or can include secondary groups too).
* Options to exempt global mods, admins or moderators of the selected forums.

blair is using it on Geeks to Go for the Virus, Spyware, Malware Removal forum.
(Please do not register on that site just to test the hook. If you need to test it, please visit the Demo URL listed above.)

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Click here to download this file

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Sorry wolfie, but i dont understand the difference between this hook and the classic forum's permissions. If i use a specific forum i can obtain the same result.... or not?

You mean a forum where only moderators and the topic starter can see the topic?

The difference is that everyone with permission to read topics can see all the topics, not just their own. This restricts who can reply to the topics though. Also, you can assign groups that are not necessarily moderators.

It's sort of like the per-group based setting of "can reply to others topics", except that it lets you choose the forums to apply that to instead of just based on the member groups.
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