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IPhone Application

Simon Culshaw

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Just thought I would throw an idea into the mix!

How about making custom versions of your IPhone application?

e.g. I am thinking along the lines of having a version of the IPhone Application that is branded as per the community it is locked to rather than allowing the user to select the community.

It's good to be able say you can use an IPhone application to access the site but its even better to say you can use MY IPhone application to access the site.

I know this has many drawbacks from a code management perspective etc but I always figure If you don't ask then you won't get!

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I was thinking slightly differently....

Invision Power Services provide the customisation service for you.

I say here is my icon, splashscreen image and URL and they publish the application for me in the Apple Store.

I'm expecting this would be a premium service where they would update YOUR version of the IPhone application in line with the MAIN version of the application for say a year.

I'm not sure how the guys work out the prices of their products but it would be interesting to know whether they would even consider this a goer

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