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About locked topics and how they are ordered.


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At the current time topics are split up between "Pinned" and open/locked. That is alright however I have been thinking.

Locked topics are most of the cases (unless being pinned) not extremely important to be useful to the community as locked topics simply do exist for either archiving purposes or to show the reason why the topic has been locked.

My request is to place locked (non-pinned) topics at the bottom of the current page so the space could be used for current active discussions.

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I've found it, this is it:

Open admin/applications/forums/modules_public/forums/forums.php

Look for:


  // Get main topics


Add below:

  $sort_key = 'state DESC, '.$sort_key;

That's it. Thanks to I30 (~Im4eversmart) for this code.

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