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Embedding attached media files to a post


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There should be a way for the user to embed an uploaded media file attachment in a post, just like the way media is embedded using the tag. For example, if they have just uploaded an audio file as an attachment, it is currently not possible to use the URL of this attachment with the tag. This is because the URL of the attachment does not end with the filetype extension such as '.mp3' or '.wma'.

An uploaded file has a generic attachment URL like this /index.php?app=core&module=attach&section=attach&attach_id=2434

There should be a way to allow the attached media file to be embedded in the post, either using the tag, or using another 'embed in post' button option.

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I am looking for this answer to I use to be able to post a player using media tag .. but now I can't

Not sure what you mean. Using the media tag you can link to swf and mp3 files, and to defined video URLs (which are specified in the ACP, you can add to the list if you like). This is still supported.

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