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Running eaccelerator for IPB and APC for joomla


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Is this possible? I installed eaccelerator on my server and enabled it through IPB config and IPB seemed faster. However it doesn't work properly with Joomla so I went ahead and installed APC for it but it seems to be caching IPB as well and creating a mess. Any way to keep APC for joomla and eaccelerator for IPB?

I read here that APC is no good for IPB otherwise I would keep that for both..

P.S. IPS should devote some staff into creating guides and tweaks for IPB, I know you are doing your best, I am just saying this should become number one priority, speed is a very important factor, even for SEO which you lately try to improve for IPB..

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By default all php / html will use the accelerator so no need to manually add this within the configuration.

APC should work as normal but with experience with eAccelerator we use this on all the servers. Ourput is exactly the same on all, Runs like a dream.

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