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Remember Editor size?


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I was wondering if there was a way to get the board (even if it required a cookie) to remember the editor size. Especially when you preview a post. I am none too perturbed to do it on a post basis but when it comes to previewing a post I'd appreciate that my editor remember that I made it 3 or four times longer then it was originally.

To add insult to injury here, I'm not an AJAX fangirl because (lets face it the new Google thing is BLEH!) but I think that it would be fantastic if the preview was perhaps dynamic? If you could hit preview and it simply throws it above the editor for preview (anchoring the screen above it) then it would fix the problem altogether because my editor screen wouldn't get changed in this process. I also think that since (I don't think) it doesn't require a database query just a parse thing for the BBCode that it would be less resource intensive then a page refresh?

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